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Experience the Thrill and Excitement of Grand Canyon Chopper Flights

Tourists looking for an alternative to the ordinary road trip will find all the excitement they can handle with Maverick Helicopter’s Grand Canyon chopper flights.

Serving the tourist industry since 1995, Maverick’s impressive fleet of ECO-Star helicopters is the largest and newest in the world. The ECO-Star incorporates the latest technology to reduce noise and lessen its impact on the environment.

The chopper’s interior design provides the ultimate in passenger comfort with individual leather seats arranged theater-style allowing unobstructed views for everyone aboard the aircraft. Huge wraparound windows offer excellent opportunities to document the experience in photographs.

Maverick’s skilled pilots are just as knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon and the surrounding region as they are about the helicopters they fly. The industry has recognized these abilities with dozens of awards for safety and customer service.

Company operators believe every guest deserves a custom experience, which is why they do not use pre-recorded tapes like other tour companies do. All passengers wear state-of-the-art noise reducing headphones with voice-activated microphones allowing them to speak to each other and their pilot throughout the flight.

Different Grand Canyon Chopper Flights Available at Maverick Helicopters®

Many different packages are available, so guests can choose a tour to fit any schedule and budget. Landing tours provide the opportunity to explore various aspects of the canyon up close and personal. Guests can visit the Hualapai Village and enjoy the spectacular views from Eagle Point and Guano Point. Those selecting the Skywalk Odyssey can see what it is like to walk on glass while looking straight down 4,000 feet to the Colorado River.

All tour packages include free transportation to and from any resort or hotel within five miles of the Las Vegas Strip. See why Maverick Helicopter is the only company of its kind to receive two Travel Channel’s “10 Best Helicopter Thrills” awards by calling 702-261-0007 or 1-888-261-4414 to discuss their Grand Canyon chopper flights.

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