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Maverick's Story

Maverick Helicopters, one of the largest aviation-based tourism companies in the world, was founded in 1995 by an entrepreneurial couple with one helicopter and a vision to elevate the industry. More than 25 years later, Maverick Helicopters employs over 250 dedicated team members whose mission is to provide premier aerial experiences in some of the best destinations in the United States. Maverick Helicopters operates more than 45 luxury helicopters flown by experienced pilots.

Maverick Helicopters has four permanent operations in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West, and Maui, Hawaii.

Maverick Helicopters pledge to customer service is matched only by its commitment to safety. The founder, a former helicopter pilot, knows the importance of top-level maintenance and is hands-on in defining operational safety values well beyond industry standards. Maverick Helicopters currently holds the industry's top safety record and has an industry leading number of FAA Diamond "Awards of Excellence" relating to continuous investment in maintenance training and education.

Pilots go through a rigorous screening process and must obtain substantial flight hours before being accepted to fly with Maverick Helicopters. Pilots fly side-by-side with instructors and senior management to uphold and maintain the strict standards created by the founder.

Maverick Helicopters has received an array of travel industry and hospitality accolades including USA Today's 10BEST, Las Vegas Review Journal's "Best of Las Vegas", and "Best of Maui" by Hawaii Magazine.

With its unmatched customer service, the finest aircraft, skilled pilots, the highest safety standards and unique excursions, Maverick Helicopters continues to be the leader in the helicopter industry.

Top Reasons to fly with Maverick Helicopters

  • Maverick Helicopters has the top safety record of any tourism-based aviation company in the world.
  • Maverick Helicopters has received the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) distinguished Diamond Award.
  • Guaranteed to fly in an ECO-Star helicopter, the only helicopter designed and engineered specifically for air tourism.
  • Over 27 years, Maverick Helicopters has safely delivered helicopter experiences to millions of passengers.
  • Passengers will be escorted in and out of the aircraft by their pilot, ensuring comfort and safety for all.
  • Internal safety procedures exceeding standards of FAA regulations. Highest average experience time among pilots in aerial tourism.
  • To date, Maverick has invested over $100 million in Quiet Technology helicopters, making it the largest and youngest fleet of ECO-Stars in the world.
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