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Helicopter Sightseeing to the Grand Canyon

When you enjoy the journey as much as the destination, you know you’ve experienced helicopter sightseeing to the Grand Canyon at its best.

A Maverick Helicopters® tour is the perfect break from Las Vegas casinos, an innovative way to spice up a honeymoon, or the summer getaway your family will always remember.

Why settle for a view from the rim? Helicopter sightseeing to the Grand Canyon is the definitive way to visit one of nature’s most fascinating natural wonders for the first time or the 15th time. An aerial perspective also enables you to see gorgeous desert scenery en route to the canyon.

We offer helicopter sightseeing to the Grand Canyon with style. Our ECO-Star helicopters are known as “limousines of the sky” because of their spacious cabins, theater-type seating and surround sound.

Combine the state-of-the-art ECO-Stars with Maverick’s experienced pilots and the result is a stellar safety record, the best in the industry.

Maverick also makes helicopter sightseeing to the Grand Canyon affordable, with a selection of several tours offering various features. View our Grand Canyon helicopter tour offerings online or contact a Maverick representative today to learn more. Call 1-888-261-4414 or 702-261-0007.

A Few FAQs About Helicopter Sightseeing to the Grand Canyon

Since helicopter sightseeing to the Grand Canyon is a new experience for many, here are some questions we are commonly asked:
  • Where do we depart? Tours leave from the multiple terminals south of Las Vegas, in Henderson, Las Vegas Blvd., Grand Canyon South Rim and for our Discovery tour departs from Grand Canyon West.
  • Are helicopters safe? The ECO-Star is designed for touring and has an exemplary safety record, and our pilots make your safety a priority.
  • How long do the tours last? Our shortest tour lasts 15 minutes. The longest is 7 hours.
  • Do you fly in wintertime? We fly year-round but suggest appropriate attire for Maverick’s winter excursions, when snow and cold temperatures at the canyon are not unusual.

Let the Maverick team show you how enjoyable it can be to take a helicopter 888-261-4414 or 702-261-0007. You may also book a tour online or email us at livechat@flymaverick.com to book a tour for your group or to learn more.

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