ECO-Star Helicopters - Fly Grand Canyon - Las Vegas - Valley of Fire


Airbus Helicopters The ECO-Star (EC-130) made by Airbus Helicopters is the safest and most comfortable tourism-based helicopter in the world. Maverick Aviation Group has the largest fleet of ECO-Star helicopters in the world.

While drastically limiting flight noise over the Grand Canyon, the ECO-Star also lavishes you in luxurious comfort and offers breathtaking wraparound views like no other helicopter.

Amazing equipment, first class tours, experienced pilots and top-notch customer service are all available with Maverick.

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Seating and Windows
The ECO-Star features a 23% larger cabin than the common A-Star model and seats seven passengers. Wraparound windows through the interior of the helicopter provide superior external visibility for guests aboard the ECO-Star.
Tail Section
The low noise Fenestron Tail Rotor reduces outside noise by 50%; making the customer experience greater and limiting the effects on nature’s habitats. This unique styling to the tail rotor is unique to the ECO-Star.

ECO-Star Helicopter Seating & Windows

  • Wraparound glass provides superior visibility
  • 7 Individual front-facing seats with raised “theater-style” seating in rear
  • Surround sound
  • Fuel-efficient engine to provide fast flight time - creating more tour time for you
ECO-Star Helicopter Tail Section

  • Enclosed Fenestron “fan in fin” - safer, quieter and more efficient
  • Uses 25% less engine power
  • Fuel control optimizes speed for quietest operation
  • Dual hydraulic system

A-Star Helicopter Seating & Window

  • Flown by most U.S. helicopter tour operators
  • Standard cabin space
  • 6 passenger bench-style seating
  • Less visibility
A-Star Helicopter Tail Section

  • Conventional Tail Rotor

Bell Ranger Seating & Window

  • Flown by some U.S. helicopter tour operators
  • Standard cabin space
  • Seats 5 to 6 passenger based on weight
  • Bench seating
  • 2 seats which face backwards
Bell Ranger Tail Section

  • Conventional Tail Rotor

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