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Maverick Helicopter Offers the Best Value in Grand Canyon Tour Prices

Comparing Grand Canyon tour prices can be like comparing apples to oranges. Sure, the destination is the same regardless of which touring company you choose but the journey can be quite different. At Maverick Helicopters®, we know our guests expect value for their dollars spent and that is why every passenger receives VIP treatment

Our tour packages offer a variety of ways for guests to enjoy this natural wonder of the world and its spectacular surroundings. Our specialists will match your interests, budget and schedule to the ideal excursion over the most breathtaking scenery in the southwest region of the United States. Whether you want an air tour only or would prefer a landing tour that allows a more up close and personal experience, we can help you maximize your entertainment dollars.

Grand Canyon Tour in an ECO-Star Helicopter

Other touring companies charge extra for guests to experience riding in the luxurious ECO-Star helicopter. At Maverick Helicopters®, we fly this ‘Limousine of the Sky’ exclusively to provide guests the smoothest, quietest and most comfortable flight possible. Theater style individual leather seats offer the most relaxing environment for enjoying the magnificent unobstructed views through the aircraft’s wraparound windows.

Our fleet is the youngest in the aerial tour industry and we have the top safety record among all aviation touring companies worldwide. Our skilled and experienced pilots have been recognized in the industry with more than 100 customer service and safety awards.

Maverick pilots are able to take passengers deeper into the canyon than any other company offering aerial tours. Our popular landing tours take guests 3,500 feet below the rim to an exclusive landing zone overlooking the Colorado River.

Other amenities include free round trip transportation from your hotel, live narrative during all flights, complimentary snacks and beverages (with some packages), and more!

Call Maverick today at 702-261-0007 or 888-261-4414 to review our list of available Grand Canyon tour prices and packages.

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