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The History of Eagle Point at the Grand Canyon

At Maverick we pride ourselves in delivering sightseeing air tours that showcase some of the most iconic sites in the world. This includes the magnificent canyon rock formation that is Eagle Point.

Grand Canyon's West Rim is the location of Eagle Point. This natural rock formation sits on the private land of the Hualapai reservation. Created by nature, rather than man, these sacred rocks are shaped like an eagle spreading its wings and has a rich history to match. It's one of the most stunning photographic opportunities due to its unique appearance and is a special point of interest for the Hualapai People. Seeing Eagle Point by air is the best way to take in the full expanse of this rock formation.

History and Background of Eagle Point

The Eagle Point area of the canyon was originally known as the "battleship" and was later renamed by one of the Hualapai people to "Eagle Point" when she saw the outline of an eagle in the rock formation. Legend has it, in the early years people once lived at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and an eagle flew down to warn the people of a great flood. As the eagle flew back up, it stayed near the top of the canyon to watch over the people. Then it turned to stone where it remains to this day. Eagle Point provides excellent views for visitors to the area. The Hualapai Tribe has spent many years working to develop the area with a lot of "must-do" attractions.

Eagle Point is home to an authentic Native American village that includes an amphitheater that allows guests to enjoy daily live musical and dance performances or lectures on Hualapai history. It's the location of the famous Skywalk, a glass bridge structure that allows visitors to "walk the path of the eagle" and step out over the Grand Canyon for a one-of-a-kind perspective 4,000 feet in the air! At Eagle Point, you'll find Native American walking tours, including replicas of authentic dwellings from a variety of Native American tribes. There's also an art and gift shop where you can pick up handmade, authentic Native American jewelry and crafts.

Sightseeing Air Tours at Grand Canyon West

Maverick's Indian Territory tour will take visitors on an amazing journey out to Eagle Point where you can see this magnificent structure from the air. Your Grand Canyon sightseeing tour also provides views of beautiful Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, the world-famous Hoover Dam and concludes with a flight over the Las Vegas Strip.


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