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Fill Your Itinerary with These Things to Do in Kauai

The island of Kauai is draped in emerald valleys and opulent tropical rainforests lending it the nickname of "The Garden Island." Kauai's unique charm has enchanted many visitors looking for adventure and fun things to do on the island. Kauai's untouched beauty makes it the perfect destination for a variety of outdoor activities. Some areas of the island are only accessible by sea or air tours, revealing breathtaking views you couldn’t see otherwise. So if a trip to the Garden Isle is in your future, read on for some fun things to do in Kauai.

The Beautiful Island of Kauai Offers Many Fun Things To Do

Fun Things to Do in Kauai

1. Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping is an adrenaline rush leaving you a little wet and with a fun memory. On Kauai cliff jumping is a favorite pastime, so there are many local spots where you can jump into the ocean with heights ranging from five to 50 feet. Shipwreck Beach and Ho'oipi'i Falls are two popular options. If you do decide to try cliff jumping remember that safety should be observed at all times. You can remove the worry and doubt from the equation by going with a knowledgeable guide. A proper guide knows the area inside and out, and can show you how to cliff jump safely.

2. Admire Views of Waimea Canyon

In Kauai there are magnificent views everywhere you look, but one that stands out above the rest is Waimea Canyon. Located on Kauai’s southwest side, it has long been described as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific." At ten miles long and 3,600 feet deep, it’s easy to see how the canyon earned its nickname.

The beauty of the canyon is displayed in rich hues of green and red, complimented by stunning waterfalls. If you’re lucky, you may even catch sight of a rainbow. Inside Waimea Canyon State Park you can enjoy activities like fishing, or hiking the Honopu Ridge Trail.

3. Take a Trip along the Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast is known for its natural beauty. This iconic shoreline was made famous when it was depicted in the film Jurassic Park. Its untouched natural beauty includes white sand beaches, sea caves, and waterfalls that descend deep into the valley floor below. There are many ways to explore the Na Pali Coast, but the safest access and best views are found by sea or air. Many different cruise options are available including snorkel and sunset; catamaran; and full dinner cruises.

4. Mountain Tubing on Kauai

Over a century ago, a series of canals and tunnels was built by laborers hired by the Lihue Sugar Plantation. These canals were meant to bring water from the waterfalls and streams of Mt. Waialeal to irrigate the large sugar cane fields around Lihue. The plantation may have closed, but the historic waterways are still accessible and have become one of the most unique water adventures in Kauai.

The gentle flow of water runs through the mountainside and accesses the island's tropical interior. Sit back in a tube raft and enjoy a relaxing ride with stunning views of beautiful and remote locations.


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