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The Napali Coast on the island of Kauai is revered for its natural beauty. The dramatic cliff faces, pristine beaches, and rugged hiking trails have made the Napali Coast a must-see destination for many years. Some have even said there is a powerful life force known as mana that radiates off the Napali Coast providing a warm, inviting influence. In addition to its beauty, there are many places and things to explore. Here are a few reasons why Napali Coast is a must see:


Translated, the word "Napali" means "The Cliffs" which is an appropriate description considering the miles of mountains lining the landscape. Millions of years of erosion have created the razor-edged mountains jutting up from the ocean floor. Some of the peaks reach heights of over 4,000 feet and stretch from Polihale to Ke'e.

A must-see view of the Napali Coast


The coastline of Napali is brimming with breathtaking valleys. Campers and hikers will be drawn to areas like the famous Kalalau \ Trail, a challenging 11-mile trek. There are also shorter, less challenging options like the trail leading from Ke’e Beach to Hanakap’ai Beach. Because the most magnificent parts of the Napali Coast are inaccessible by foot many find the best way to view the lush terrain is by air with a helicopter tour.


At higher altitudes on the island precipitation can reach over 400 inches per year leading to some of the most stunning waterfalls anywhere on earth. This makes for awe inspiring views up and down the Napali Coast including Awini Falls and Waialae Falls.


Because many areas of Napali Coast remain untouched in their natural wonder this provides a safe haven for plenty of wildlife to flourish. From the birds flying overhead, to curious dolphins diving into the sea, there is an abundant amount of wildlife that adds to the beauty of the Napali Coast.

Best Way to See Napali Coast

Viewing the spectacular Napali Coast is a must for any trip to Kauai. But to truly appreciate the magnificent terrain is to see it by air. A helicopter tour of the Napali Coast offers a bird's-eye view of the "must-see" elements like the emerald cliffs, gorgeous valleys, and cascading waterfalls.

Maverick Helicopters offers the Kauai Explorer Tour, which allows you to fully grasp the magnitude of the Napali Coast from the air. Your experience will also provide views of landmarks like Waimea Canyon, Jurassic Falls, and the tropical rainforest Mount Waialeale.

To book your Napali Coast tour with Maverick Helicopters, contact us at 1-808-241-7999 or visit us online.


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