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4 Tips for Creating the Family Trip of a Lifetime to Maui

1. Take the family to a Luau.

Maui is an incredible family destination that offers myriad opportunities for families to create treasured memories to last a lifetime. It's a place where people keep their phones down for fear of missing the details, where everyone from age 1 to 101 will find something to enjoy and marvel at. In fact, the real trouble many vacationers encounter is finding time to fit everything they want to do in one vacation. Ensure you get the most out of the time you have with the following four tips for creating your family trip of a lifetime in Maui.

2. Schedule a family photo shoot.

With the huge advances in phone technology, it's no wonder why everyone carrying an iPhone sees themselves as a professional photographer. Leave the selfie stick in the hotel room. There is plenty of value in hiring a professional to snap some high quality vacation photos. Professional photographers have the experience to anticipate moments and capture that perfect image. They also know how to make you and your family look your best and freeze that ideal vacation moment for you to treasure years in the future.

3. Plan activities you've never done before.

A trip to a new location is a great time to also partake in new activities. Experience something with your family for the very first time, like a group horseback adventure along beaches or a Maverick Helicopter tour over the islands. A trip like the Hana Rainforest Experience is something that will not be forgotten, even by the most disinterested teenager, thanks to the incredible panoramic views possible only in the air. This voyage is particularly exciting as it includes an exclusive landing deep in the heart of the Hana Rainforest. Here, you and your family can get up close and personal with the region's lush vegetation.

4. Don't forget to take some downtime.

Finally, don't forget to schedule downtime for the family to just hang out, relax and enjoy the time spent in paradise with each other. This translates to anything from lounging at your resort one afternoon, hanging out at Haleakala in the evening and watching the stars pop out, or encouraging everyone to spend their morning exploring a sandy beach. Whichever backdrop you choose, give yourself and your family members time to soak up the beauty for themselves. You deserve it.

For help in scheduling your seat aboard our Hana Rainforest Experience and other tour offerings, contact us today. One of our friendly reservation agents is available to answer any questions you might have.


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