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The following six tips will help you choose a tour that offers the best views of what you’d most like to see:

1. Take your tour early in your trip

Taking a helicopter tour in Hawaii early in your trip can help you get an overview of the whole island and get your geographic bearings.

You’ll see many areas up close and still have time left to explore places more fully when you’re back on the ground.

2. Research companies’ safety ratings

When researching companies, look for evidence of a commitment to safety through additional certifications and awards, such as the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) Award of Excellence “Diamond Award”.

3. Identify the sights you really want to see

Take some time to map out the island making note of sights that are top priorities to you. This will help you make the most of your time and budget. You may want to take a flight offering an overview of Maui with breathtaking views of several state and national parks, as well as scenic waterfalls and other spectacular sites.

You may also prefer to spend more time exploring a particular area, such as the Hana Rainforest. By identifying sights that interest you, it will be easier to choose the right tour.

4. Look for online reviews

Check sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to see what other passengers have to say about a company and tour that you’re considering.

Did passengers find the staff and pilots to be courteous and well informed? Did they see everything they expected to see? Was the ride comfortable?

5. Consider what helicopter will be used

Learn about the type of helicopter used during the tours you’re interested in. Does it have a reputation for safety and does it seat the number of passengers required? Are the views as unobstructed as possible and is the flight relatively quiet?

The ECO-Star (EC130), manufactured by Airbus, is the safest, most comfortable tourism-based helicopter. It offers wraparound windows, comfortable theater seating and a rotor that reduces outside noise by 50% percent.

6. Book ahead

Once you decide on the helicopter tour in Hawaii you’d like to take, book the tour ahead of time. Helicopters do have limited seating, so you’ll want to make sure you get the flight you want when you want it.

Do your research and book your helicopter tour in Hawaii ahead of time to ensure you’ll experience as much as possible during your Hawaiian vacation.


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