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Enjoy and experience the raw authenticity of Hawaii by putting Molokai on your travel itinerary. Molokai has no high rises, franchise eateries, or mega resorts because local laws require no building be taller than a coconut tree.

Instead, this island boasts life much as it was before the state became a tourist hotbed. It's a quiet place, but don't be fooled; it has its own secrets worth learning. Here's what you can revel in when visiting this gem of an island:

  • Ancient Hawaiian engineering - Do you love history? Molokai's southern shore boasts some of the best-preserved ancient Hawaiian fishponds. Builders used lava rocks to erect semi-circle walls into the shoreline. A small gate at the front, called a makhana, allow small fish to enter the man-made pond where they grow and are caught by locals.
  • World's highest sea cliffs - While you can certainly sightsee by boat, we recommend taking a helicopter tour to get a bird's-eye view of Molokai's magnificent sea cliffs. They are the result of the Makanulua Peninsula plunging into the sea after thousands of years of seawater erosion broke its base. This event left 14 miles of deep, velvety green sea cliffs decorated with waterfalls. Experienced kayakers might consider grabbing a kayak and getting an incredible view from the very feet of these cliffs, but this isn't a trip well-suited for beginners.
  • Unparalleled snorkeling - Kumini Beach, also known as Murphy's Beach, boasts the longest continuous fringing reef in the United States. This reef naturally creates a large lagoon between itself and the coast, offering a premier kid-friendly swimming location. More experienced swimmers will enjoy the bountiful sea plants, living sponges and varied schools of fish that live just past the shallows.
  • Purdy's Macadamia Nut Farm - This unique, 90-year-old orchard is beloved by locals and eco-centric tourists for the macadamia nuts grown with a lot of love and without pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Take a free tour and have a turn at cracking open the nuts with only a stone and hammer. This is a hidden must-stop in the central part of the island. It's also about as touristy of an attraction you'll find on Molokai.
  • Kalaupapa National Historic Park - A big part of the allure of Molokai resides in its remoteness and authenticity. This is especially made clear on Kalaupapa Peninsula, a verdant slice of land fringed by white sandy beaches. It can only be reached via a twisting sea cliff trail that must be traversed by either mule or foot. The reason for its continued isolation is that this was where Hawaiians sent all of its citizens who suffered from Hansen's disease, more commonly referred to as leprosy. It's a fascinating but tragic story. While there are guided tours, you can indulge in a preview with the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast episode on the leper colony.

In the end, you'll find that despite its smaller size, Molokai packs some of the most fascinating aspects of Hawaiian history and nature within its sandy borders. For more information about this little island and its must-see attractions or to book a helicopter tour along its cliffs, contact us today.


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