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Maui is an incredible vacation destination that captures the imagination and evokes a sense of wonder from the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come to the island every month. With all the things to do and places to eat, it can be stressful planning a trip that encompasses all of your desires while staying within your budget. To help ease this burden, we've put together things to consider when preparing your budget for vacation.

Tips for Budgeting a Trip to Maui

Getting Around the Island

Unless you plan on relaxing primarily at and around your resort, you might want to consider a rental car. The island of Maui is about twice the size of Manhattan and has few public transportation options (the Maui bus typically runs on an hourly schedule). Rental car pricing in Hawaii generally ranges between $40 to $80 per day depending on the season, type of vehicle and how far in advance you make the reservation. You can often secure lower prices with discounts from AAA, AARP and Costco. Be sure to also bring along any gas discount cards you have, as current prices average about $4.60 per gallon.

Dining Out

Because much of the food in Hawaii is imported, food prices tend to be a bit higher than elsewhere in the United States. In general, the most expensive restaurants are those in the resort corridors. Prices in these areas tend to average about $15 to $20 per person for breakfast, $15 to $25 per person for lunch and $30 to $50 per person for dinner.

However, savvy travelers can enjoy much lower prices and arguably higher quality by eating at local spots. Avoid imported cuisine and indulge in native fare like freshly caught seafood and Maui-sourced vegetables and fruit. Consider shopping at local farmer's markets or purchasing items at grocery stores for a delicious and inexpensive picnic one afternoon.


The beautiful year-round weather of Maui and picturesque landscapes make this a verifiable outdoor playground. Relaxing on the beaches, soaking in the lagoons beneath waterfalls and hiking the top of Haleakala are all very low-cost (and in some cases, no cost) options. You can even find excursions such as a whale watching cruise for around $45.

Consider also budgeting a bit more for a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter voyage with Maverick Helicopters. With tours like the Hana Rainforest Experience, you'll enjoy an exclusive helicopter landing in the Hana Rainforest for less than $300 per person. Contact us at 1-800-978-0266 to learn more about this immersive tour.

We hope these tips help as you budget for your trip to this majestic island.


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