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Maui's Hidden Gems You Never Knew About

There are many famous Maui attractions that draw thousands of visitors each year, but the island is also home to plenty of activities that aren’t as well-known. These local gems are sure to make your trip a truly memorable vacation.

Obscure Maui Attractions to Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Pipiwai Trail

To start your hike along this 4-mile trek, you’ll have to venture off the beaten path. Park at the Haleakala National Park Visitors Center, and look for signs directing you to the trail. Along the way, you’ll see the 200-foot Makahiku Falls and 400-foot Waimoku Falls. You’ll also be able to work your way through a forest of tall bamboo that forms the green canopy above the path. This trail is located toward the end of the famous Road to Hana, approximately 12 miles past the town of Hana.

Nakalele Blowhole

Located just off Hawaii Route 30 in West Maui, this blowhole is one of the most spectacular Maui attractions. It was formed below a lava shelf. Waves are pushed into a hole in the lava, creating a geyser-like effect that spouts water up to 100 feet in the air.

You can access the geyser from two different hiking trails, each of which takes about 30 minutes. Wear shoes suitable for hiking over slippery, rocky surfaces and keep your distance from the blowhole itself. Getting too close can be dangerous. Warning signs along the path leading to the hole will confirm the importance of admiring the spectacle from afar.

Kaupo General Store

Founded in 1925, the Kaupo Store offers a glimpse of “Old Hawaii.” Here, you’ll find snacks and various sundries as well as plenty of Hawaiian heritage. You’ll find the store at mile marker 35 along Hawaii Route 31, where it serves as a charming rest stop. The store sells everything from locally made organic fruit popsicles to jewelry, paintings, painted fabrics and other items from local artists. The store also lovingly houses artifacts from its original owner, including photographic gear and archival photos, antique bottles and unique creations such as a radio made from a cookie sheet and a clock made from an old car’s dashboard.

Sacred Garden of Maliko

Visit the Sacred Garden of Maliko for quiet reflection among the beautiful native flora and fauna. The grounds are located 2 miles below Makawao Town and are home to a nursery, a peace sanctuary, a botanical garden, a temple and more.

Take your time exploring the garden, which provides community journals and sketch books so you can draw or write your thoughts. Wind your way around the labyrinth as you enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

To learn more about unique Maui attractions and experience the island like never before, call 1-800-978-0266 to book a helicopter tour. We offer a variety of flights, including one that features an exclusive landing in the Hana Rainforest. Contact us today for more information.


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