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Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Maui

There are plenty of reasons why Maui makes the top of every “must-travel” list. This beautiful Hawaiian island features miles of swimmable beaches, the waters are full of frolicking Humpback whales, the restaurants compete with the best in cuisine and tropical accommodations replete with top-of-the-line amenities abound. Of course, that doesn't mean every trip to Maui is guaranteed to be perfect. There are innocently-done faux pas tourists make that can easily mar an otherwise ideal vacation. Ensure you enjoy the best vacation when you visit Maui by avoiding these common tourist mistakes:

5 Gaffes to Dodge While Vacationing in Maui

1. You pack it in; make sure to pack it out.

People consistently choose Maui because of its seemingly untouched nature. Yet, it will only remain so as long as each person takes care to avoid littering. Help keep Maui beautiful by picking up after yourself, including small items. This includes everything from bottle caps to cigarette butts.

2. Don't leave valuables in rental cars.

Unfortunately, Maui is not a place free of petty crimes. There are thieves, just as any tourist destination, waiting to prey on tourists. Protect yourself and your valuables by never leaving precious items in your rental car or elsewhere unprotected. Instead, keep cameras, cash and other expensive things either secure in your hotel or on your person when possible.

3. Give animals some space.

Maui teems with wildlife, but it’s important to give these creatures plenty of space. Wild animals are not your friends. If you see a sea lion or a Hawaiian monk seal while swimming or strolling the beach, give it some space. Don't try and touch or ride sea turtles and take care around coral reefs, lest a rogue wave send you sprawling into sharp growths. "In addition to keeping yourself and wildlife around you safe, giving animals space will keep you on the right side of the many laws protecting Maui’s ecosystem."

4. Balance the line between relaxation and good time management.

While good vacations are rarely defined by strict schedules, it is important to practice good time management when in Maui. For example, while the Road to Hana extends just 60 miles, its many twists and turns, roadside attractions and low travel speeds lead to this being a multi-hour excursion. Do not make the mistake of traveling late in the day and being forced to traverse narrow bridges and dangerous, unlit roads after dark. If you're considering a Maui helicopter tour with Maverick Helicopters, note some of our most popular flights occur at sunset, so a lot of them sell-out early. Be sure to book!

5. Stay alert and be safe.

The breathtaking beauty of Maui makes it easy for anyone to throw care to the wind. And while we definitely encourage you to enjoy your time here, it's important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Shore break waves and riptides can take even the most experienced swimmer off their feet. Likewise, swimmers should be aware of Portuguese Man-o-Wars, scorpions and sting rays in their swim zones.

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