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Looking for Things to Do in Maui This Winter

There is no bad time of year to visit Maui, with winter being no exception. In fact, some people find late fall and winter months are their favorite time to travel to the Hawaiian Islands. During December, January and February, daytime temperatures average in the high 70s throughout the day and dip down into the mid-60s after dusk. The ocean temperature stays around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and large North swells create incredible big surf conditions along Maui's northern beaches.

All of this makes for ideal conditions for residents of cold weather states looking to escape the snow and ice during the winter. Are you ready to book your ticket to paradise? Be sure to include some of the following winter-only Maui events on your itinerary:

Must-do Maui Winter Activities

  • Whale Watching. Arguably one of the most magical aspects of winter in Maui is the whale watching opportunity. Beginning mid-fall, whales from across the Pacific Ocean begin migrating to Maui's warm coastal waters. For the price of dinner, you and your family can take a whale watching cruise and experience these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. There is nothing quite like watching mothers and their calves frolic in the wild while males compete for the attention of females. Select cruise outfits include special underwater machines so guests can listen to the haunting melodies of the whale's songs.
  • Check out the big surf on the northern beaches. You didn't think we'd forget about following up on those surfing conditions, did you? Throughout January and February, the same powerful weather that dumps snow and ice across the Northern Hemisphere eventually rolls down the Pacific and pushes huge waves along Maui's northern shores. The stronger the storm in Alaska and Canada, the bigger the surf along Maui's Kanaha and Pa'ia. Windsurfers, kite-boarders and surfers all look forward to these special months of thrill-inducing ocean conditions. It also provides prime opportunities for photographers and those who love to watch the professionals surf water walls towering over 50 feet high. D.T. Flemings beach park and the cliff-side viewing areas overlooking Pe'ahi Bay are particularly rewarding for sightseers.
  • Enjoy the PGA Tour Sentry Tournament of Champions. The annual championship event takes place each January and features only those individuals who either won the prior year’s season or qualified for the Tour Championship. In short, this is a tournament for the best of the best, and if you want to see some of the world's top golfers in action, then head down to The Plantation Course in Kapalua for this prestigious event.

Be Sure to Book a Maui Helicopter Tour

Finally, whether you're more interested in Humpback whales or champion golfers, be sure to check out one of Maverick's outstanding Maui helicopter tours. Tours like Maui Dream will show you the best wonders of the island from a bird's-eye perspective. Soar over those northern shores to see surfers in action and whales dance in the waters. Wonder at Maui's mountains, rainforests and more. Call 1-800-978-0266 or LiveChat with one of our reservation agents today!


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