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See Three of the Best Views with a Helicopter Tour Over Maui

The magical island of Maui is legendary for its natural wonders. It's like another world altogether, with its lush tropical rainforests, misty mountains, volcanic craters, and other island landscapes.

There are hundreds of amazing spots to capture awe-inspiring views of the island. See three of the must-see views with a helicopter tour over Maui:

1. Haleakala Crater

Maui and her sister islands were all formed by volcanic activity, so what better way to experience Maui than by seeing its creator? Haleakala Crater is the 10,000 foot volcano that first brought Maui to light and is the largest dormant volcano in the world. The summit of Haleakala offers unique glimpses of reddish brown volcanic rock, one-of-a-kind plant life, and sweeping views of the whole island.

While it's possible to drive to the summit and hike into the crater, arguably the best way to get an amazing perspective of this sight is via a helicopter. From the air you'll enjoy sweeping views of the moonlike crater and lush forest growth.

2. Iao Valley

Iao Valley is another one of the 'only in Maui' sights that is a must do. This historically significant location is an ancient royal burial ground and the site of the island-uniting Battle of Kepaniwai. Today the beauty and history of Iao Valley is protected as a 4,000 acre state park.

Spend an afternoon exploring the flora and fauna of this area via winding hiking trails. Don't forget to pack a picnic to enjoy stream-side. While there's nothing quite like standing beneath the towering mountains and lush forest canopies of Iao Valley, viewing this by helicopter offers a different angle of one of Maui’s best views.

3. West Maui Mountains

The West Maui Mountains are another of the more renown geographical landmarks in Maui. Their knife-edged ridges with mist-shrouded peaks and hidden waterfalls draw visitors from around the world. However, part of what makes this region so magical is its relative isolation. Parts of the West Maui Mountains can be glimpsed from the foothills of the Iao Valley and the winding roads leading from West Maui, but the best views can only be had from the sky, including views of the hidden 'Wall of Tears', a cascading wall of seventeen waterfalls.

Book a Helicopter Tour Over Maui with Maverick

To learn more about how you can enjoy some of these best sights and book your own helicopter tour over Maui, contact us at 808-893-7999. Our tour company offers the highest level of safety and service in the industry with over 20 years of experience.


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