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4 of the Top Ways to Experience and Sightsee in Maui

Are you planning a Maui vacation? We wouldn't be surprised if you are grinning in anticipation of booking your flight out to Hawaii. There is so much to love about this island paradise: the dreamy waterfalls, soft colored beaches, verdant hills and friendly people. Enjoying yourself and your time in Maui is not a challenge. Of course, with so many options, finding the top ways to sightsee in Maui is something of a challenge. Consider the following list of our suggestions on the top ways to sightsee in Maui:

Top Ways to Sightsee in Maui

  • Go by horse. You don't have to be a cowboy to enjoy the advantages of a horseback tour. Several large, 800+ acre ranches call Maui home and offer premium horseback riding tours through their rugged backcountry and out into some of the most scenic viewpoints on the island. Take for instance Triple L Ranch where riders of every skill level enjoy meandering down dormant volcanoes slopes of Haleakala, winding through unique vegetation and ancient lava flows with distant views of the turquoise blue ocean.
  • Go by foot. Those who prefer to hoof it have a whole host of tours and trails to choose from. One popular pick is Twin Falls, a string of waterfalls and pool located along the Road to Hana. This 2-mile hike can be done solo or via a guided tour. Other popular sightseeing hikes include trails at the Iao Valley State Park in Central Maui and the 5-mile Waihee Ridge Trail in Wailuku. For a day adventure, be sure to check out Haleakala and its many rates. Bike enthusiasts ought to check in with the on-site Haleakala Bike Company and its tour, during which guests are driven to the summit just at sunrise before biking down.
  • Go by car. The Twin Falls aren't the only waterfalls to be found along the Road to Hana. This historic 65-mile road is a sightseeing must for those who want a fun-filled, adventure-packed journey. The one caveat here is, plan for this to take at least a day, maybe even two. The Road to Hana is not meant to be traversed quickly with its many sharp turns, 59 narrow bridges and natural beauty. Those who particularly want to see more of Maui's wild side should pack a tent and camp at the Seven Sacred Pools in Kipahulu.
  • Go by helicopter. It is hard to get a true sense of the sheer magnitude of Maui's waterfalls, the beauty of its shorelines and the rich colors of its landscapes from the ground. Such an experience of Maui must be done from the skies via a Maui helicopter tour. Join your loved ones on the adventure of a lifetime by flying over Maui's epic landscapes. The Hana Rainforest Experience, a one-of-a-kind immersive Hawaiian experience, is a breathtaking tour featuring not only incredible bird’s-eye views of Maui's fantastic sea cliffs, waterfalls and verdant rainforest, but it also includes a descent and landing for a personal ground exploration of a former taro plantation in Wailua Valley.

If you’re interested in learning more about these and other Maui helicopter tours, contact us today to reserve your seat.


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