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The Advantages of a Helicopter Tour in Maui

Are you looking to see Maui in a unique way? If the answer to your question is yes, then look to the sky! A helicopter tour of Maui is exactly what you’ve been seeking.

Helicopter tours over the island of Maui are the best way to experience the beauty of the natural terrain. You’ll get to see lush landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, scenic waterfalls and famous sights all from a rare perspective.

Why A Helicopter Tour is the Best Way to Experience Maui

Maui is one of the most popular Hawaiian Islands. Tourists from around the globe head to Maui year-round to experience miles of beautiful sand beaches; explore the lush Hana Rainforest; or even catch a glimpse of a whale peeking out from the crystal-clear Pacific Ocean. The amount of things to see and enjoy on Maui are endless. But with so many options, what’s the best way to explore and see everything Maui has to offer? Soaring over the island on a helicopter tour of Maui lets you capture many of the islands popular areas in an aerial adventure.

What Makes the Best Helicopter Tour?

With a large portion of Maui's terrain inaccessible by land, a helicopter tour lets you explore aerial views of breathtaking sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls. The exhilarating ride will take you past popular destinations like the Hana Rainforest, Haleakala National Park, Honokohau Falls, and the remote North Shore. The exclusive bird's-eye view you get from inside the helicopter lets you soak in all the grandeur Maui has to offer.

2. Helicopter.
Having a comfortable flight makes all the difference when traveling. A helicopter tour should exemplify that same comfort with a roomy cabin and plenty of large windows that provide the best views of Maui. The ECO-Star (EC130) made by Airbus Helicopters is the safest and most comfortable tourism based helicopter in the world. This state-of-the-art aircraft has individual front-facing seats, drastically reduced flight noise, and wraparound glass for unobstructed views of the island below.

3. Pilots.
Having a pilot with extensive training under his belt is an important aspect in choosing the best helicopter tour of Maui. But having a pilot who is also knowledgeable about the island provides you with a tour that is not only safe but informative as well. These pilots will put you at ease so you can enjoy your flight and immerse yourself in the experience. They'll also act as something of a tour guide to provide you with information about the beautiful scenery you’re seeing and the history behind some of the landmarks.

Choosing a helicopter tour in Maui

No matter what type of helicopter tour you’re looking for be it short or long, leisurely, family-friendly, or exploratory, there's an option waiting for you. So don’t delay, book a Maui Helicopter tour today!


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