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Wildlife You Might See While Visiting Maui

Maui is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The stunning landscapes, crystal clear waters and tropical ocean breezes entice thousands of vacationers each year. Amid the breathtaking views and backdrops, Maui is home to many extraordinary animals not found in other parts of the world. The following is a look at a few of these species, as well as other wildlife you are likely to encounter during your next visit to Maui:

5 Wildlife Species You Might See While Visiting Maui

1. Honu.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, known locally as Honu, is an excellent example of what conservation efforts can achieve. Once considered in danger of extinction, these massive sea turtles (weighing up to 500 pounds) can now be found in abundance throughout Hawaii's coasts. You'll often see them basking on beaches, resting in underwater coves and snacking on sea grass as they meander along shallow waters.

2. Humpback Whales.

November to April is the time when schools of North Pacific Humpback Whales complete their long trek from Alaska to the warm tropical waters around the Hawaiian Islands. Maui’s whale watching tours feature some of the best spots to watch these majestic beasts.

3. Nai'a.

Commonly known as the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin, Nai’a is a unique subspecies of dolphin identified by a stripe of light gray along its side, a whitish belly and a slim beak. These dolphins are best known for their playful, acrobatic dances in and out of the water. Whether you stand on shore or soar with us in a Maverick helicopter ride, you are likely to see these aquatic dancers leaping from the coastal waters.

4. Nene Goose.

Kauai, Hawai’i and Maui are the only places you'll find the Nene Goose. These feathered animals mate for life and are often seen either in pairs or large groups, wobbling around the island's coastal dunes, lava planes and hilly grasslands. Their two most notable characteristics are their loud honking noises and clawed feet that evolved specifically to grip the rocky surfaces found throughout the islands.

5. Hoary Bats.

The Hawaiian Islands are full of birds, reptiles and sea mammals, but did you know that – as far as we know – the only native land mammal to Hawaii is the Hoary Bat? This type of Maui wildlife is hard to catch sight of, but patient observers can spot them at dawn and dusk in forested areas of the island. The peak season to watch these furry fliers in action is between September and October.

To learn more about other exciting and unique aspects of Maui, contact us today at Maverick Helicopters. If you are eager to see a whole other side of this environment, be sure to ask about one of our multi-island helicopter charters like the Molokai Voyage, during which you'll soar over both land and water on a one-of-a-kind adventure.


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