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Maui Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Ancient Hawaiian kings and queens traveled by canoe to frolic along Maui's shores long before the first helicopter was ever designed. We still recommend getting up close and personal with much of the island's many natural treasures, but when you want to see Maui's awe-inspiring landmarks from a more expansive perspective, there simply is no better way than by helicopter.

Here are some answers to our more frequently asked questions regarding our Maui helicopter tours:

Q: When's the best time to fly? How far in advance do I need to book?

In Hawaii, anytime is a great time to fly. Of course, what you most want to see might help you narrow down your most desirable times, such as a sunrise or sunset flight. You might also want to see migrating whales during your flight. Call us directly for assistance on selecting the most appropriate times.

We suggest solidifying your reservation at least two weeks ahead of time to ensure the date and time you want is not sold out. However, because we do require minimum weight and passenger numbers to leave the ground, you may be able to book within a few days if you have a more open schedule.

Q: What happens to my Maui helicopter tour if it rains?

Our Maui helicopter tours involve flights through parts of the island's rainforests and, as the name suggests, there is often light rain. As long as the rain stays within levels we consider safe and enjoyable, we will continue to fly. If the weather does get too extreme, flights will be canceled, and we will attempt to re-schedule on your best availability. If you and other guests are unable to re-schedule, then we will cancel and refund your group in full.

Q: Are there any special terms and conditions I should know about?

All helicopter excursions require a minimum amount of passengers to operate.

  • The maximum weight limit per person is 300 pounds. Total passenger weight must be under 1,140 pounds with no more than 7 passengers.
  • Maverick Helicopters has a 48-hour cancellation policy. You have up until 48 hours before your flight departure to make any changes or cancellations. Changes or cancellations are not permitted within 48 hours of your flight departure. No-shows will be charged in full with no refunds.
  • Due to the intricate nature of helicopter flight, all of our times are approximate.

Q: Why are there only helicopter tours of Maui during the day?

We are only able to offer tours during the day because it’s difficult to see at night. Guests come on our flights not just to experience a helicopter ride (although that’s one reason), but also to see Hawaii’s majestic beauty from a different perspective. If we offered tours at night, we wouldn’t be able to show guests all of the islands’ amazing features.

We fly state-of-the-art ECO-star helicopters, which are known for their environmentally- friendly engines, quiet operation and comfortable seating. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t enough room in these helicopters to have an in-cabin restroom. For this reason, we recommend all of our guests use the restroom before take-off.

Q: How should I dress for a Maui helicopter tour?

We encourage all our guests to dress comfortably. In general, we recommend wearing clothes and shoes you feel good in and bringing sunscreen.

There are many large windows in our helicopters that let in the sun, which can be intense at higher elevations, so it’s important to lather on sunscreen prior to take off.

Q: What can I expect to see on a Maui helicopter tour?

Exactly what you’ll see on your flight depends on which Maui helicopter tour you sign up for. All of our tours offer amazing views, but they offer different features. We can show you Maui’s rainforest, the Wailua Valley’s waterfalls, Haleakala National Park’s active volcanoes, Haleakala Crater, Iao Valley State Park and more. We also frequently spot whales and other marine life in the ocean waters.

Q: Where is the heliport Maverick flies out of?

Maverick flies out of Kahului Heliport, which is adjacent to Kahului Airport on the north side of Maui. It's located at Lelepio Pl, Kahului, HI 96732. You can find a map to our terminal here.

Q: How much does parking at the heliport cost?

Parking at the heliport is owned and operated by ABM Parking Services. The average parking fee for our guests is $7.00, which can be paid at the self-service pay station located on lot. The station accepts MasterCard, Visa and cash. If paying with cash, plan on bringing small bills and coins, as the station does not provide change.

Q: Is it easy to take pictures on a Maui helicopter tour?

You’ll be able to easily take pictures and video from the comfort of your seat, thanks to the oversized windows on our ECO-Star helicopters. We also record a video that is available for purchase, which includes both the sights seen and the conversation between pilot and passengers.

Book a Maui Helicopter Tour With Maverick

To find the perfect Maui helicopter tour for your family or group, contact us at 1-808-893-7999 or via LiveChat. We’ll be happy to talk with you about each of our tours and help you select the perfect one. Of course, we’ll also gladly answer any other questions you have.


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