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Maverick Grand Canyon Airplane Tour Offers Breathtaking Views of the West Rim

For guests who book a Maverick Grand Canyon airplane tour, the journey is just as spectacular as the destination. Just imagine soaring high above one of the greatest natural wonders of the world in a private plane and that is just the beginning of the adventure.

Passengers check in at Maverick’s Henderson Executive Airport terminal and board one of the company’s luxury aircraft. Qualified and friendly pilots greet guests personally to prepare them for the flight. All passengers enjoy unobstructed window views for the twenty-minute flight to the Grand Canyon West Airport.

Upon arrival, they will board a shuttle for the short transfer to the West Rim of the Canyon where they have more than two-and-a-half hours to explore the area on foot.

Eagle Point is home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The glass bridge is an engineering marvel that juts out past the rim. The bold and the brave can add the optional Skywalk tour to the package and see what it is like to venture past the edge with nothing but a few inches of glass separating them from a 4,000 foot plunge into the Colorado River far below.

Guano Point is the site of a now defunct fertilizer mine. The Highpoint Hike offers panoramic views of the canyon and river. Guests will see what remains of a historic tram that spanned the 8,800-foot gap between the canyon’s rim and the old mine.

Hualapai Village offers full immersion into the Old West experienced with authentic dwellings. Live entertainment includes staged gunfights, cattle drives and cowboy games. Optional activities include horseback and wagon rides to the rim’s edge for scenic views of the majestic surroundings. Those interested in Native American crafts and jewelry can visit the Hualapai Market and purchase unique souvenirs of their trip. Guests enjoy a Native American style BBQ at the Village before boarding the plane for the return flight to Las Vegas.

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